Artículo: CoVID-19 has exposed how ‘the other half’ (still) lives.


Socioeconomic factors are heavily shaping the COVID-19 pandemic in
South America. Consequently, societies are now facing the stark effects
of lockdown, while largely failing to stop the epidemic. In Chile, this
has been amplified by decision-makers who have overlooked critical
socio-spatial aspects of the epidemic. Precarious living conditions,
together with spatial segregation and unstable domestic economies, help
explain why mitigation strategies remain unsuccessful. The article also
explores how political frameworks for approaching these issues may
change because of the pandemic.

Referencia: Gil, M & Undurraga E.A (Forthcoming, 2020) “CoVID-19 has exposed how ‘the other half’ (still) lives”. Bulletin of Latin American Research 1422 (link).