Artículo: Strengthening the Role of Science in Disaster Risk Reduction

Gil,M & Rivera, F (2023) “Strengthening the Role of Science in Disaster Risk Reduction: The Chilean Strategy” publicado en Disasters. DOI: 10.1111/disa.12533


This paper presents an integrative case-study examination of Chile’s national strategy of research, development, and innovation (R&D+i) for disaster resilience and the progress towards developing the institutional conditions for its successful implementation. The article covers the period between 2016-2021, focusing on the work of the Chilean Commission of R&D+i for Disaster Resilience to Natural Hazards (CREDEN). Through an analysis of the official records of the initiative at all its stages and 29 semi-structured interviews with CREDEN’s members and stakeholders, we aim to show a successful case of strengthening the role of science and technology in disaster risk reduction. The Chilean experience is particularly interesting because the Strategy focused on the role of R&D+i and proposed developing an industry of scientific-based technological solutions for disaster resilience. The case study also illustrates how the strategic interaction between academia, state, and industry can be a key factor for aligning knowledge production to tackle current socio-technical challenges.

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